Add Beauty & Elegance to Your Home
With Oriental Rugs

When you decide to decorate a room, consider choosing an exciting and durable oriental rug as a cornerstone for your color palette. Oriental rugs can be purchased in a great variety of colors and patterns and they will add beauty and elegance to your home decor.
To decorate with oriental rugs, take both color and design into consideration. The color of a rug should be harmonious with the other colors in the room. When choosing a design, consider how you are going to use the rug. If the center of the rug is going to be very visible, a medallion or scene is a good choice. If, however, the center of the rug is going to be under a table, it would be better to choose a rug with the most detail & interest in the borders.

Very colorful rugs with busy designs can bring a subdued room to life. Rugs with simple designs and a softened color scheme are better in a room that is already colorful & busy.

Oriental rugs last for generations... choose wisely and you & your heirs will enjoy your rug for many, many years!


Before you begin looking for an oriental rug, take a little time to think about size and color.
It will save you a lot of time in the showrooms.

• Draw a sketch of your room with the dimensions noted and furniture placement. If you're shopping for a dining room rug, know the size of the table: you don't want your chairs falling off the edge of the rug when you move away from the table. Taking a photo of the rooms is also helpful.

• It's important to carry samples of fabrics, paint & wall paper with you when shopping for rugs. There are many colors and designs in Oriental rugs to choose from and if you bring color samples with you, you will be assured that your new rug will look perfect in your room.

• Many rugs have a diamond-shaped or round motif in the middle called a central medallion. If your furniture will be placed asymmetrically on the rug, you may prefer a rug that has an all-over design.

The price of an Oriental rug is based on: quality, condition, age, country of origin and decorative demand.

• When judging the quality of Oriental rugs the weave should be fine enough to clearly express the motifs of the design.

• A bold geometric design may have less than 100 knots per square inch while a detailed floral pattern may require 300 or more.

• While tightness and regularity of weave are important, the quality of the wool (or other material that is used to make a rug) also determines the resilience and lasting patina of a rug.

• The quality and fastness of the dyes are also important.